Sludge Oil Discharge Process

Sludge discharge from ships – planning, preparation, safety checks & discharging ashore

Ship – shore Sludge discharge operation involved numerous hazards and careful consideration will need to be made for safe planning and execution.Sludge discharge We summarized here some basic check points for safe handling. These procedures are only indicative, not exhaustive in nature and one must always be guided by practices of good seamanship.

Preparation of sludge discharge plan :

• Has it been confirmed with the receiver that they will issue a certificate including quantity and type of sludge discharged?

• Has receiver confirmed they will receive the entire nominated quantity from the ship?

• Has an onboard meeting of the personnel overseeing transfer been held and have they been familiarized with the sludge discharge plan?

Name of responsible engineer (2/A/E or 3/A/E):

Name of responsible engine rating (Olr or Wpr):

• Are sludge discharge procedures and piping diagrams displayed at the discharge manifold?

• Has the sludge/bilge pump emergency stop switch been checked for operation and working?

Preparation for sludge discharge ashore:

• Are related valves and pipelines correctly marked for easy identification?

• Have all deck scuppers been plugged?

• Has it been confirmed that the pipeline to be used is in good condition?

• Has it been confirmed that the sludge transfer line is properly isolated and no other oil transfer is going on during the sludge discharge operation?

• Is the opposite side manifold blanked?

• Have appropriate light and flag signals been displayed?

• Is SOPEP and fire fighting equipment ready for immediate deployment?

• Have pumping rate & means of communication (incl. emergency) been agreed with receiver?

While starting and during discharging:

• Confirm no oil floating in water around the vessel?

• Is the sludge discharge line properly set?

• Confirm no leaks and the pump parameters normal?

• Is the reception confirmed by the receiving facility?

Confirmation after completion :

• Is the transfer pump stopped and line set back to normal?

• Has all the gear been secured back in original place and area squared up/cleaned up?

• Has the manifold line been blanked?

• Has vessel received the sludge discharge certificate and checked contents for correctness?